Origin: S. America: Peru and Columbia
Maximum Size: Up to 5 inches.
Care: Enjoys having plenty of open swimming space, and, caves or plants for hiding the water should be fairly soft, slightly acidic (pH 6-7), the temperature should be 22-25oC (72-77oF)
Feeding: Carnivore/Insectivore, but will take various flake, pellet and frozen foods. Breeding: No detailed accounts and doubted to have occured in captivity.
Sexing: Unknown

Comments: One of the most popular catfish, it has a striking spotted pattern and long barbels. They are not aggressive, but avoid keeping with fish small enough to fit in in their mouths – They may not be there in the morning! Often feed in a somewhat frenzied scatty manner, which may alarm calmer fish. They are more active by day when kept as a small group. Do not use nets to catch these fish, as they have sharp spines which will become entangled.